Paris dans la pluie

I arrived in Paris on Monday,  at 11 AM local time (5 AM) after zero sleep.  My luggage is ridiculous unfortunately,  so it was a challenge getting to the hostel. It was raining then,  and still is now. And,  of course, there was my usual leg pain to top it all. On the bright side,  a French man saw me struggling on the metro.  So he insisted on lugging both of my bags through the station, on to the next train,  up the stairs and several blocks to my hostel.  Quelle chance (what luck)!  And he told me “ici,  les gens aident quelqu’un juste pour être gentilles.” That day I explored the neighborhood and the Place de la Concorde area.  Today I walked all around the Rue de Rivoli and the Galleries Lafayette. To eat: un peu de Camembert,  du taboule et du pain. I am confident that despite any trials,  this will be a good semester.

One Response to Paris dans la pluie

  1. Mme D says:

    Bravo, Olivia…le plus difficile est fait…tu es sur place! Profite bien et tache de trouver d’autres gentils parisiens pour rendre la vie parisienne plus agreable 🙂
    Bonne continuation!