A Breath of Home

A few days ago, I had the joy of seeing my parents. They arrived from the airport exhausted, but I got to spend a good amount of time catching up. I stayed with them in their budget hotel in Porte de Bagnolet, on the outskirts of the city. Then the following day, the three of us went around to see some of my favorite spots in Paris. I showed them the Centre Pompidou and the Marais. We had the typical Parisian café crème overlooking the square. Next, I took them to my apartment, which they were impressed with (it is big for Paris). Of course I brought them to see my school and the nearby Jardin du Luxembourg as well. That evening, my mom took us to see her friend Tracy from college days. That was great for me, because not only did I get in touch with Tracy, but I also made friends with the American graduate student who was renting out a room. The student, Rebecca, gave me her number and told me she’d introduce me to her classmates at Sciences Po. Before turning in that night, my parents and I enjoyed a waffle with hazelnut ice cream- what a treat! Then on their last morning in Paris, my parents took me grocery shopping. The hypermarche out by the hotel is astoundingly huge and cheap, so I plan to return there for next week’s provisions. Finally, Mom and Dad treated me to a good Parisian steak for lunch. Goodbyes were sad, but I feel that their visit renewed and excited me for the rest of my stay in Paris.


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