Art and Lights

Bateaux Mouches   Living in Paris is a culturally-enriching experience. For example, it is an astoundingly diverse city with tourists and immigrants from every corner of the world. It is rich with history, from the Roman arena to World War II landmarks. Paris also has extraordinary museums and art exhibits on practically every street. And I’ve been to some of the greatest ones: Musee Rodin, Musee d’Orsay, Musee du Louvre, Centre Pompidou. It’s been said that Paris is the city of light. Here are some reasons why I agree with that expression. Every night after sundown, all the famous monuments and buildings are illuminated. My friends and I have often gone to the river, where the lights dance off the water. It’s very popular to pass time there with a bottle of wine or two and some good company. The Eiffel Tower is even more incredible at night. After sundown, it shimmers and flashes on the hour. Additionally, cinemas of all varieties abound; film is fondly called the “seventh art.” These movie houses add their bright neons to Parisian nights. Last  weekend, I went to a spectacle that gave much credence to the city of light nickname. At La Defense, half the city’s population gathered in a huge modern square to watch a fireworks and light-show called “Ici et Ailleurs,” which mimicked the rhythms and images of places far and wide. There were images projected on the huge square arch itself and strobe lights, search lights and more reflecting off the shiny skyscrapers.

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