UMW friends abroad!

Yesterday, I had a great surprise. Patrick messaged me to tell me he was in Paris! So this morning, we met up near Rue de Rivoli. We tried out Cafes Verlet, which is a gourmet shop that offers hundreds of varieties of coffee. We had a great time reminiscing about UMW days while wandering around the first and second arrondissments. We also made sure to enjoy a crêpe, some organic desserts, and the Jardin des Tuilieries. This morning made me realize that I love to travel with friends; it’s fun to share new adventures and new observations while comparing them with back home. For example, we laughed at how open Parisian society is to semi-nude photography (which appears in nearly every metro station) versus in America where violent imagery is more acceptable. In a few hours, I am headed off to Tuscany. I’ll be delighted to see Eynav, who is studying abroad there. I’m sure that with her as well, I’ll have a great time comparing European norms to norms back in the States.  She will show me the best of Florence, and we’ll have some great memories when we’re back at UMW next semester. Also, many people have given me enthusiastic reviews of Tuscan food. I’m looking forward to sampling gnocchi and much more.

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