Une belle ville, Nice

From central Paris, it is a 6 hour TGV ride to the Cote d’Azur. On Thursday, the train zoomed through the French countryside to bring me and my group to Nice. Nice is an incredible city that mixes old and new with ease. There are roughly 350,000 inhabitants and plenty of visitors. In the center of the city lies a large new park featuring fountains and mist, gardens and creative playscapes for children. I loved it, and spent a long time there.  But the best thing about Nice for me is its waterfront. There is a huge promenade where bikers, roller skaters and walkers mingle. There is another nice park high up on a hill that has a  ruined old fort and an amazing view of the whole city.  Despite the pain in my legs, I made the trek with my group.


Then of course, there is the Mediterranean Sea! The water is a gorgeous turquoise blue, and I had a lovely long swim (yes it was warm enough even at the end of October)!

This was a splendid trip, and I am very thankful that I went. Memories of the seafood, the warm weather, the park, and the beach will make the winter much more bearable!


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