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Paris is a huge city. I’ve discovered that even a few months is not sufficient to “know” Paris. That being said, I’ve begun to get the hang of the transportation system, and how the arrondissements are set up. Here are a few photos that reflect my experience in the city.


boats with lots of character


banks of the river

banks of the river


The Seine river never ceases to be beautiful from whatever perspective you see it.

Europe2011 part2 019

Of the many elegant buildings along its banks, my favorite is the Conciergerie. It served as a prison and now is the Palais de Justice.


Conciergerie seen from my bus


Since August 30, I’ve been living in a suburb just outside of Paris. My street in Vanves is a little gritty, what with cheap appartment buildings and construction, but the community as a whole is nice. Several streets down the hill from me is a huge park called Parc Frederic Pic. Also within reach are pharmacies, the supermarket, and a boulangerie. Of course the metro is also very close; I walk through a garden then  four minutes  down my street to my appartment. I am pleased with my lodging since it is convenient. One day, my friend and I went walking and we discovered that there was a jolly market just a few streets away in Malakoff. I look forward to exploring that more.

DSC03170 Kelsey and Jenny hanging out in my room.

DSC03171 The balcony is awesome.

My Appartment

My Appartment’s Kitchen

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